Application for Membership

International Congress on Nutrition and Integrative Medicine (ICNIM) aims at contributing to the advancement of disease prevention and treatment by promoting basic and clinical research in the field of integrative medicine and functional foods.


  • To promote research related to integrative medicine and functional foods
  • To hold annual conferences and other academic meetings
  • To publish in-house newsletters and annual reports
  • Any other activities necessary to achieve its purpose

Membership Requirements

Doctors, researchers, and health professionals who agree to the purpose of ICNIM including:

  • Researchers who conduct research on integrative medicine and functional foods
  • Doctors who use integrative medicine and functional foods for clinical treatment
  • Doctors, researchers, etc. who are interested in clinical treatment or basic research using integrative medicine and functional foods

Membership fees

There is no entry nor membership fee for those who wish to become members of our organization

Membership Application Procedure

Please fill in the “Application form”. The admission procedure is executed as per the regulations of the Executive Office.

Executive Office
AHCC Research Association/ICNIM
c/o Amino Up Co.,Ltd.
363-32 Shin-ei, Kiyota,
Sapporo, 004-0839 JAPAN

TEL: +81-11-889-2233