Greetings from the chair

President of ICNIM Toshinori Ito, M.D.,Ph.D President of ICNIM
Toshinori Ito, M.D.,Ph.D

With the recent remarkable advances in medicine and standards of health and living, society is aging rapidly and disease structures are changing. Acute disorders are well controlled, but lifestyle diseases, such as cancer, hypertension and diabetes, which account for the majority of chronic disorders, are very difficult to completely cure. The pathological condition of lifestyle disease is a complex system in that physical, psychological, environmental and social factors all interact and are mutually interrelated. Accordingly, there is a limitation in western medicine because it is a primarily symptomatic therapy. Therefore, a new medical system is required to be built.

In other words, that means a paradigm shift from 20th century medicine aiming at “Cure”, to 21st century medicine aiming at “Care”. Integrative medicine that combines modern medicine with CAM (complementary & Alternative Medicine), can be considered to be one medical approach that indicates the direction of medicine in the future. The final goal of integrative medicine is to extend healthy life expectancy, including through preventive medicine.

Taking a global perspective on the changing of the times, the AHCC Research Association, established in 1994, changed its name to the International Congress on Nutrition and Integrative Medicine (ICNIM) in 2015. Based on the results of basic and clinical research into the various functions of AHCC as a BRM (Biological Response Modifier), we have recently published a new book, “The Clinician’s Guide to AHCC”.

We aim to accurately relay information and clinical data to all parties that are interested in functional ingredients such as AHCC and Oligonol, be they researchers conducting studies, physicians introducing them into the clinical arena, or end-users that are focused on disease prevention, treatment, and health maintenance. Furthermore, we aim to strive ever onwards as an evidence-based congress that is responsive to the diversity of society, and that raises the public profile of the role of functional foods within integrative medicine. We endeavor to continue all of this into the future.


Position Name Affiliation
PositionPresident NameToshinori Ito AffiliationDirector, Osaka Center for Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention
PositionVice President NameMikio Nishizawa AffiliationProfessor, Ritsumeikan University
PositionVice President NameJun Nishihira AffiliationPresident, Hokkaido Information University
PositionVice President NameKenji Sato AffiliationProfessor, Kyoto University
PositionBoard Members NameShigeru Abe AffiliationDirector, Institute of Medical Mycology, Teikyo University
PositionBoard Members NameHitoyoshi Ohta AffiliationDirector, Ohta Internal Medicine Gastrointestinal Medicine Clinic
PositionBoard Members NameYusai Kawaguchi AffiliationDirector, Kitakawachifujii Hospital
PositionBoard Members NameKoji Wakame AffiliationAssociate Professor, Hokkaido Pharmaceutical University School of Pharmacy
PositionBoard Members NameTatsuya Hisajima AffiliationProfessor, Teikyo Heisei University
PositionBoard Members NameSatoshi Ohno AffiliationAssociate Professor, Osaka University
PositionBoard Members NameSohei Satoi AffiliationProfessor, Kansai Medical University Department of Surgery
PositionBoard Members NameToru Kitagawa AffiliationChief Director, Kyowakai Medical Corporation
PositionExecutive Director NameTakehito Miura AffiliationAmino Up Co., Ltd.
PositionPresident Emeritus NameMasuo Hosokawa AffiliationProfessor Emeritus, Hokkaido University
PositionAdvisors NameYasuo Kamiyama AffiliationProfessor Emeritus, Kansai Medical University
PositionAdvisors NameMasatoshi Yamazaki AffiliationProfessor Emeritus, Teikyo University
PositionAdvisors NameYutaka Mizushima AffiliationDirector, Kyoaikai Hospital
PositionAdvisors NameReiki Ishizuka AffiliationClinical Advisor, Tajima Clinic
PositionAdvisors NameKen-ichi Kosuna AffiliationChairman, Amino Up Co., Ltd.
PositionAdvisors NameKentaro Kitadate AffiliationPresident, Amino Up Co., Ltd.